Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Heavy lifting and my aching back

I've sorted, priced, packed and stacked books donated to the Friends of the Decatur Library the last two mornings and this morning my back is really hurting! I tried to be careful - really. However I have cancelled my participation in an early evening walk with friends today and just booked a 90 minute hot stone massage for this afternoon. I was going to go for a 60 minute one but the 90 minute one is on sale and only $10 more so I went for it. I'm sure it will help and now I have an excuse for not spraying the yard for mosquitoes today LOL.

Still have to give the dog a bath and clean the house though. I've already been to two grocery stores. I do hope also to shorten the PJ pants I bought and spend an hour clearing thinks off my desk. Go me.

What is on your list today?

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