Thursday, August 7, 2014

Much to be grateful for and happy about

Yesterday was a lovely day despite my aching back (which the massage seems to have fixed along with Ibuprofen).

I called two cousins who happen to have birthdays on the same day and had nice long chats with both. My brother called just to talk - said he wanted to keep the habit going even though we no longer have estate issues to discuss. Our talking more often and deeply is something great that has come out of our Mom's death.

I thought to stream KJAZZ from Cal State Long Beach all morning and loved the music as we did when we lived nearby.

The dog loved (!!!) her bath as always. She starts "talking" as soon as the towels come out and then jumps into the tub as soon as I take her collar off. She knows the routine and helps with each stage including the hair dryer. When all is finished and her collar back on, she runs laps around the house and then is high, playful energy for hours. I will plan on giving her them more often in the future just because she enjoys it so much. And half the house was clean which is pretty good considering my aches and pains. The massage was lovely and worth every penny.

Today is more book sorting, pricing and packing but I am going to be very careful so my back stays mending. The other half of the house will get cleaned.

The best is that after a week away helping his Dad move to assisted living, Hubby's plane touches down at 5pm.

Have a wonderful day.

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