Saturday, August 2, 2014

August plans and hopes

I think I had better set some goals for August as I spent day 1 indulging myself in wasting time primarily. The dog did get her walk but that was about it LOL. We all need those days.

However I have 27 more days until we head to CA to see the kids and other family members and celebrate my 65th birthday. So here are the goals.

1. Spray for weeds/invasive plants in the wooded area on the next non-rainy day
2. Prepare everything needed for Friends of the Library book sale that will occur while I am on vacation
3. Make a pair of sleep shorts
4. Transplant some plants in yard to area that needs more coverage
5. Go out to coffee with friends times 3 but not otherwise
6. Finish one of 2 paintings that has been in progress forever
7. Decide what to make with fabric given for Christmas and get started. I am stuck between another skirt and some kind of top vs. a summer dress
8. Resolve stacks of paper on desk
9. Eat dinner at home every day before vacation

Well that is a start!


  1. That's a good list! I should do this as I found July just slipped away.

    1. My July slipped away too! Hence the list. Good luck.

  2. Skirts are always good, I have an ambitious list.