Friday, May 23, 2014

Bits of this and that - week roundup

As you know I've been trying to get back in the groove of a normal weekly schedule and had some success. Of course, no week if truly normal and this one included lots of volunteer time to get ready for our big outdoor Friends of the Library book sale tomorrow.

- I did get back to doing a week's grocery shopping so meals have been easier. Tomorrow night is Hubby's job as I get back from the book sale hot, dirty and tired.

- A bit of house cleaning each day made a dent. I think it had been 6 weeks since the house was cleaned thoroughly. Still some to go.

- A bit of weeding each day didn't make much of a dent LOL.

- The dog is enjoying her first thing in the morning walks and not fussing for a walk the rest of the day. Right now not many squirrels are out and about at 8 am so it isn't too stressful for me as she does lunge at squirrels. Don't know if she would without us having emphasized her squeaky squirrel toy which is her absolute favorite. Probably she would!

- I found a pair of shorts and a nice shirt on sale. No luck finding lightweight summer PJs though. Come on - its Atlanta, its hot and humid so why are warm PJs still on the racks?

Got to go make dinner and rest up for our sale tomorrow. Have a great weekend.

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