Monday, May 26, 2014

52 Project Sunday - on Monday

We have been busy working and playing this 3 day weekend. Saturday I spent the day helping to run a book sale for my Friends of the Library group and came home to a glass of wine and dinner cooked by Hubby. Lovely.

Sunday we went to downtown Atlanta for a lunch near Centennial Olympic Park, watched the kids playing and squealing in the water feature in the park and then rode the new large ferris wheel, Atlanta Skyview. We combined driving, walking and taking the subway so it was also a good urban hike. A nice long phone call from our younger son in the evening and it was a lovely day.

Today I completed 2 projects:

15. Plant annuals in bare spaces in perennial bed
16. Replace phone that is causing problems

Hubby worked hard on one big project.

17. Back porch and patio scrubbed well and patio furniture out to enjoy

How is your project list coming along?


  1. I'm embarrassed to say ... I played golf today while B planted the window box and the planters out on the deck. Don't worry ... it's my turn tomorrow.