Sunday, March 2, 2014

Me and my "stuff" (or how I want to deal with possessions, lifestyle and happiness)

I have realized that my goal is "lagom" the Swedish concept that can be translated as "the right amount" and defines the relaxed minimalism described by miss minimalist in this post. This is one gigantic goal!

So no hoarding or stockpiling, no extreme limits on the number of possessions, always considering the impact personally and globally of deciding if and what to purchase, and defining carefully what is "enough" to bring happiness without being burdensome. It is a big goal because it requires really being aware of who I am and what I truly want right now and continuing to do that as time goes on. A very conscious mindset all the time is required I think although perhaps it will become a habit.

Contentment. Fun rather than chores. True enjoyment of food and objects that are bought. Assessing the current usefulness of "tools" presently owned. By tools I mean all material objects.

Shopping secondhand first.  Refining (curating?) the collection of items acquired during the first 64 1/2 years of my life. Experiences and people over things - hence our large travel budget. Knowing that gifts don't have to be kept. .

And it means for me living with desires for acquisition for a while before buying. Not responding to those "I want ...." thoughts for at least a week. Good thing I love making lists!

Currently I have a home maintenance purchase list that looks like this:

Plant fertilizer
3 clothes hooks
2 fluorescent tubes
Shower door bottom strip replacement

I've been waiting for the discounted Home Depot gift card I purchased through the online resale market to arrive before going shopping and my list kept changing while I waited. I found some plant fertilizer stored away. I need to see if there is something lurking in the shed that I can use instead of buying compost. I found out the light fixture by the washing machine in the basement is the problem not the light tubes and eventually the lights come on. If I had rushed to the store when each item popped into my head I would have even more things I don't need stored in the basement and shed.

I also have a secondhand store shopping list. I bought 3 things on my list earlier this week when I went to my favorite thrift store that raises money for animal rescue groups. I also dropped off some things for them to sell. I have realized since that trip that I really don't need or even want some of the things on my list. So I will end with this:

“Buy less. Choose well.” – Vivienne Westwood


  1. I would like to do exactly that, too. It's hard! I hope someday I will have pared down enough to feel an ease about it.

    1. It is hard. It means making decisions about who I am right now and what stuff I need to live my current life. Doing that without spending too much time dealing with stuff instead of living life is the trick I think. Your posts sound like you are pretty clear!

  2. I' also in the process of trying to live more like this. I am sick of being surrounded by stuff!

    1. It is so easy to get stuff and then it lingers around LOL.

  3. I would like to link to this specific post at some point. I say the same thing, but you have great illustrations as to how this works. I may have others, just writing about life.