Monday, March 3, 2014

Lagom goal - Just enough March

During March I am focusing on becoming clearer what brings me joy at this time in my life and doing more of it:

1. Buying fresh flowers and seasonal fruits and vegetables; NOT gardening although yard work continues
- I want some tulips or daffodils in the house right now! But Whole Foods has them on sale March 7th so I'll wait.

2. Writing and taking photos; NOT painting or drawing
- I have 3 more paid for painting classes and if I do not want to go I don't have to. The money is gone. I am going to soon put away the paints and get out the journal and camera.

3. Taking long walks in the city; NOT driving somewhere to hike
- We have been doing this every weekend the weather is good. Yesterday we walked a section of Peachtree St. in Midtown Atlanta and had lunch before heading home.

4. Art exhibits and live theater; NOT movies or outdoor festivals
- We are getting season tickets to our favorite quirky theater and my 85 year old friend is going to join us.

5. Doing small repairs on our house as needed; NOT remodeling for resale
- I'm putting away the lists of remodeling ideas and the photos too. I am going to get that replacement strip for the bottom of the shower door this week.

6. Exercising at the gym 2 to 3 times a week; NOT exercising with DVDs
- This is going to be a priority starting this week. I'm keeping the DVDs for now.

7. Taking dog on short walks and going on long walks without her
- The dog likes the familiarity of the same route. I enjoy walking without her freaking out. A win-win. I do see a woman in my neighborhood taking very long walks several days a week and need to check out the clothes she wears and add good walking clothes to my wardrobe.

8. Cooking similar meals repeatedly and going out to eat more unusual foods; NOT cooking new recipes to get variety
- I pretty much already do this. I just need to stop feeling guilty about it.

9. Shopping in thrift stores or local small stores; NOT going to the mall
- I'm working on this.

10. Wearing clothes I truly like and that fit how I spend my time now; NOT keeping things because they are still useful
- I'm saying goodbye to you gray turtleneck that I keep tugging down and old suit jacket that is a great color but not a good fit for my life.

11. Letting go of anything that doesn't fit into my life right now; NOT holding on to things because I might want them in a future version of my life
 - Well that is pretty much what my decluttering project is about isn't it?

Suggestions for additional goals? What are yours?


  1. I love the idea of cooking the basics at home and saving the special meals for eating out. I also like to have a couple of staple meals for company that aren't too complicated. That is not to say I won't try SOMETHING new (I spend way too much time on Pinterest) but not as a rule--or another thing I am trying to keep up with!

    1. Ah, Pinterest is an easy place to spend lots of time. My DIL posts pictures of food she wants to try and I get hungry just looking at them.

  2. I hope this doesn't post twice as I hit the wrong button on my iPad. I was saying I really like your approach to being clearer and what brings you joy.
    I was just saying to my husband that I do not like a lot of appointments in one week. I do not like to be over scheduled.
    We walk in our park but it's a minute drive. I would walk, but our hill is very steep and I'm sure I could get down but getting up would be difficult .
    I love cooking and rarely go out to eat. I don't enjoy being out at night ,not sure if it has to do with night driving or what. So I'm listening to these things too.

    1. We have hills both ways if we start from our house and I never understood the "up hill both ways" saying until we lived here. There have been times when my health didn't allow walking the hills so we would drive to a flat area too. Just an idea, but I didn't like being out at night until I had my cataracts removed and night driving is no longer a problem.

  3. I love this post because you are narrowing your focus to what you really want. I am so ready to get out and walk in my neighborhood--it's been a long, cold winter here in Nebraska.

    1. Thanks Alice and I hope for some warmer weather for you soon.

  4. I wouldn't feel guilty about going out to eat new foods. If you buy them and try to cook them you're likely to mess them up and end up wasting food. Go out to eat and try them. If you like them then cook them at home.

    1. I never feel guilty about eating out LOL! We have cut back simply because we weren't enjoying it much but still go out for Thai food and trying new restaurants. I am letting go of the guilt of not wanting to make more variety of meals for us at home. Cooking is not a fun thing for me right now although I like putting together a healthy and tasty meal.

  5. I love this list. I love how you have determined what you don't want as well as what you do.

    1. Thanks. I'm still thinking it all through but doing what I truly enjoy (as well as the must haves of life - I'm talking laundry, etc.) is the key to happiness I am thinking.

  6. I agree with Tasmanian Minimalist. I think there is such a tendency to keep adding new activities and never give anything up. Maybe that you've invested time or money in, so you feel you should keep doing it. Decluttering activities as well as possessions seems like a good idea!