Monday, February 24, 2014

Random fortuitous events

Yesterday, when I was "brutally" cutting back some plants that were damaged a while ago by a falling tree and further damaged by our two snow/ice storms this winter, I was wondering what to do about the bare spot that was left, I noticed that one of them had created a new bush that could be transplanted. The branch laying on the ground but still rooted had started a new, healthier plant so Hubby transplanted it and we are hopeful it will take. The same thing happened earlier in the week when I noticed a low stalk on the oak leaf hydrangea. When I went to cut it off I found it was broken cut still alive so I stuck it in the ground nearby to create a new plant.

I have sworn off buying note paper, journals, etc. with the only purchases to be printer paper and cards as needed. So when I signed up for a July writing workshop that asked us to bring our journal I was wondering what to substitute. I have some tablets of paper but they are harder to carry and keep intact. Then I helped sort out book donations to the Friends of the Library and there was a blank journal with the spine broken but the pages still intact. We wouldn't put it out to sale but I can certainly use it! It even has a nice cover.

These little events brought me smiles. Now I am hoping to come up with something colorful to replace the broken wind chime that was hanging outside from a tree. We can't figure out how to remove the chain that was already hanging from a high branch when we bought the house 16 years ago so we keep hanging something decorative from it LOL. Hmmm, I wonder if the tree removal crew could figure out how to unhook it when they are here next week. I'll have to remember to ask as that is my first choice and I know they would if they can.

Any fortuitous events or surprises in your life recently?


  1. We've been working to create one-offs from items at home when we encounter one time needs, primarily a result of our current outdoor course. As an example, we were told to bring clip boards for one of our navigation exercises, something we'd likely not use again any time in the near future. I found some thick cardboard stock in my paper cupboard, and added one of those black, thick clip 'things.' Presto, instant clipboard!

    We've also been subbing in our generous stock of ski wear for one-off snow hiking items. Ski googles in place of buying snow sunglasses, ski pants in place of buying pricey snow gators. Ski parkas in place of down backpacking parkas. We may look a bit odd, and end up a tad overdressed (i.e., warm), but we'll save a couple of hundred dollars on items we won't like reuse once the class is finished. Our backpacking plans after completion of our class do not include snow traveling!

    In the kitchen I often use items at hand to replace pricey recipe items I'm not likely to reuse. Swiss cheese for gruyere, 'plain' mushrooms for shiitake, crimini, porcini, etc., veggies, bread or pasta on hand instead of specific type called for, herbs in my garden rather than buying new ones from market.

    1. I love the make do clipboard solution! I do a lot of recipe item substitutions as well and have found the internet very helpful in finding spice/herb substitutions.

  2. Awww, I love your brilliant use of the chain hanging from the tree ... don't take in down!

    1. It probably won't come down as it is over a pretty high branch!