Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What a difference a couple of days make

I had a wonderful phone call midday yesterday. My brother called to report that he had met with our Mom's doctor and she did not have a cardiac event as feared. Instead it was a combination of a UTI, not eating and not taking her medications properly that landed her in the hospital. They have almost all of the problems that brought her to the hospital under control unless one more test shows another problem. She still has no circulation in one foot but that has been a problem that has been being treated outside of the hospital for months. She has agreed to go to a convalescent facility for a while to regain her strength so we know the food and medication problems will be managed for a while giving us time to figure out how to deal with both longer term. Yeah!

Not to equate my Mom and my dog but the dog's recovery has been dramatic. Who knew the adrenal gland and cortisol were so essential for - well, everything. She is doing very well although her meds make her inhale water in great quantity so I am on door duty day and night. She is being weaned off one med which should help reduce her thirst and we are adjusting ourselves to a dog who acts a bit older. She is not quite back to her very athletic, exuberant, playful self but she is happy, affectionate and taking walks again. Double yeah!

There is nothing more to say. Life is good.