Sunday, February 23, 2014

This and that

This weekend is zooming by and has had its ups and downs.

Things to be grateful about so far -

- My dog is doing very well with the cortisone supplements. We have been fascinated to learn what the adrenal gland does and how vital cortisol is to our and dogs (probably all mammals) lives. Thank goodness for a smart vet. She actually wanted to play a bit last evening. However the medication makes her very thirsty and she woke me up at 4:30am to let her out. She is back asleep but that isn't my fate LOL.

- The weather is perfect so we have been doing outside chores. I've been doing some yard work and Hubby dealing with house maintenance. It is supposed to get up to 71 today so I plan more yard work and possibly a walk on The Beltline although I expect lots and lots of other people will have the same idea and it will be crowded.

- I was very tired when it came time to consider dinner and had stuck in my head that I wanted to eat salmon which we didn't have. We went to our favorite Thai restaurant just up the street and both were very happy with our dinners. I had salmon in green curry sauce with vegetables.

- I have signed up for a weekend non-fiction writing workshop that will be held at late July at my friend's mountain lodge and conducted by Janisse Ray. I am really looking forward to it and it is an early 65th birthday present to myself.

The not so good part of the weekend is primarily that my Mom went into the hospital Friday as her ongoing health problems have worsened. Hopefully they can find solutions for her. The irony is that she is enjoying not having to prepare her own meals and says the hospital food is quite good so far. Thank goodness for my brother who lives nearby and is quite the trooper in these situations. It is hard to be so far away and know that there isn't anything you could really do to change the situation even if you were there in person. I am talking to her daily and my brother is very good about keeping me informed so I am grateful for that. I'm also grateful that Hubby listens well as I talk about the situation a lot.

So onward with the last day of the weekend!


  1. Yeah, we got outside for a while today as well. Isn't great to be able to breathe some fresh air for a change! Sorry your mom had to go to the hosp.; hope she's doing better.

    1. Thanks Tom. Hopefully early this week we will learn what has to be done to help my Mom. It was a glorious weekend for being outside wasn't it?

  2. Hi Juhli, I'm sorry to hear your mom hasn't been well. It's hard not being close by. It would be a dream to have 70 degree days. I am looking forward to Spring (mid-April!) Enjoy!

    1. Thanks - it is hard to be far away. My brother is doing an awesome job as are the nurses and doctors and Mom is getting better re what sent her to the hospital.