Monday, February 3, 2014

Health and volunteering week by default

Looking at my scheduled activities for the week I see that by default the focus this week will be on health and volunteering. I have a checkup with the dentist and follow up appointments with the orthodontist and opthamologist (re: cataract surgery). I also intend to go to the gym 2 or 3 times and we took and hour walk yesterday while it was lovely warm. In addition I signed up for the Engine 2 Challenge at my local Whole Foods and the first of four classes is Wednesday evening. I also plan to get new walking shoes and walk the dog as much as possible. Fixing healthy meals is on the list as always.

On the volunteering list, I need to pass out book sale flyers today and do my usual morning of donation sorting Thursday for the Friends of the Library. The next day I will lead the book sale set up and then the all day sale on Saturday. Everyone else has done their jobs very well (publicity, volunteer scheduling, table ordering, book sorting and pricing, etc.) so think good thoughts that we raise lots of money. We have the greatest Executive Committee and volunteers.

The other activity scheduled is painting class on Tuesday evening. Last week's was cancelled due to the snow storm traffic snarls so it will be good to get back to class.

I'm also starting to get ready for our next trip to visit family in N CA. I just ordered a hostess gift for my DIL's mother as we are staying with her. Check out the Savannah Bee Company gift packs for some great gift ideas. I wanted something from Georgia to make it unique so I ordered the Everyday Honey Gift Set after consulting with my DIL.

The other Georgia company that makes unique gifts is Doux South which makes the most interesting pickles. I sent a variety gift pack from them to my other son and DIL for Christmas and they really enjoyed them - especially the Mean Green Tomatoes.

I think what is missing is a date night and a friend get together! I will have to plan both.

What is on your schedule for this week?


  1. Love the Georgia-themed goodies. What terrific gifting ideas!

    This week I have lots of homework (navigation primarily) for my wilderness training class, lots of workouts to continue building up my strength and endurance, Spanish classes, and two financial checkup appointments. Hoping we get A+'s from those last two!

    1. Sounds like you have a full week too!

    2. I left off the fun stuff, but it's in there too!

  2. Have a happy and profitable book sale!

  3. This I know: There's a special place in heaven for anyone who volunteers at a library!