Friday, December 13, 2013

Little changes that are good for the environment and/or pocketbook

I get satisfaction out of saving money where it doesn't impact living a joyful life. Please not that going out of coffee is a requirement for living a joyful life for me LOL.

Lately I've been trying to not have to buy more plastic bags even though my shopping habits result in fewer grocery bags being brought home and used for trash in the kitchen. It is amazing how many types of already used bags I have been able to find to use for kitchen trash. Bread wrappers, dog food and dog treat bags, larger newspaper bags, cereal box liner, lined coffee bean bag, etc. I'm going to see how long I can go without buying plastic trash bags.

I also don't like to buy zip lock bags except for sandwich bags for Hubby's lunch items. I wash most larger ones and reuse them as long as possible but was throwing away the ones used for freezing raw meat. Solved that by using bread bags after wrapping the meat to prevent freezer burn.

I also started saving vegetable scraps and peelings to make broth as we rarely have chicken bones to use. I made some this morning to use to make lentil and spinach soup. What a great use of "trash". We don't compost but if you do the used peelings could still be dumped in a compost pile. Mine go in the trash unfortunately.

I'm looking for some other small ways to change our habits and save a bit. I want to spend on travel, theater, good food, time with friends, donations to causes I care about and not on things like plastic bags!


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