Saturday, December 14, 2013

A bit of confusion - on my and other's parts

Yesterday morning I escorted the poodle princess to the car and showed up at the vet at 9am for her annual visit - except that we didn't have an appointment recorded and the vet wasn't even in until after lunch. Hmmm - I'm sure I wrote the time down correctly when I called to make her appointment. The staff was gracious and offered to keep her until the vet could see her that afternoon but we just made a later appointment and went home. Never any trouble getting her to leave there LOL. The later visit was fine but when I got home I found they had given me one correct package of medication and one that was for a very large dog and a different brand. Third visit got it all sorted out.

Then I checked our checking account online and noticed that I had "misinformed" Hubby when I told him that the reimbursement for the first of his 3 business trips had not been deposited. Hmmm - it was there and had posted 4 days before I swore it wasn't there yet.

And the lentil soup I made for dinner last night? Well split red lentils are not interchangeable with the regular brown lentils. The soup is edible, but I can't say it was a hit. On the plus side, the red lentils cooked much faster LOL.

I'm not going to bore you with any more examples but instead try to avoid too much more confusion!

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