Thursday, October 17, 2013

Keep your workout up to date

Yesterday I met with the owner/trainer of the gym I attend and we did a review of my workout since I have been going there for 10 weeks. I've only taken a bit off my upper arms but some of the weight workouts were feeling too easy while others were causing my shoulders to feel "tender" right at the joint.

We increased the reps or weights on a some exercises and discussed how to try to figure out what was causing the shoulder problem. I also want to finish trying out the classes that have been recommended for my fitness level and then put together a 3 day a week schedule that I treat as ongoing appointments. Two more classes to go and then I will try out a new M-W-F schedule.

With the lovely fall weather and Hubby having been on furlough we have been taking more long walks at a good pace. One includes the dog; one doesn't as there are too many bicyclists and runners for her to feel comfortable. I want to keep doing both as long as the weather holds.

So that along with my regular Thursday morning book sorting, packing and lifting of full boxes will be my workout plan for the next 2 months. Hopefully then there will be some measureable body changes as well as changes in the exercise program.


  1. Long walks in the brisk fall weather are the best! :) Hope you see the changes you want!

    1. I agree Carla - fall is a great time for walks and my favorite season here in Atlanta.