Sunday, October 20, 2013

Line dancing and the week ahead

Our across the street neighbor invited us to her 40th birthday hoedown last night and we had fun learning to line dance and chatting with others. We even bought cheap cowboy hats to wear - I got the white one and Hubby the black.

This morning is a brisk fall day and I have already been out raking some leaves and walking the dog. Not sure what the rest of the day holds but it should be good.

I have decided to focus on exercise, volunteer work and routine homemaking/yard work this coming work week. Fortunately for her, exercise includes some nice long walks for the dog!

So here is the exercise and scheduled activities plan for the coming week. The house and yard work will get fit in.

Monday - gym, follow up on board duties for volunteer work
Tuesday - OLLI classes, walk in park with dog
Wednesday - gym, grocery shopping
Thursday - volunteer work, walk in park with dog
Friday - gym, prepare for book club weekend away

Which leads to the weekend and a trip to the N. Georgia mountains with some members of my book club. Another fun girl's weekend.

It is a pretty basic life at this point in retirement but I am having a good time.


  1. Line dancing ... I'm impressed. I've tried it, but could never follow the steps.

    1. We had a good teacher and a small space so we didn't do anything complicated! It was fun and different.

  2. Sounds like a very good life to me!

    1. It is a good life. I still miss the mental stimulation and sense of accomplishment that work provided though.

  3. Juhli, regarding your comment above - that may be an area in your life still calling to you. Not necessarily something that results in a paycheck, but something that can deliver what you've described regardless. Just a thought. :-)

    1. You are absolutely correct and I haven't figured out what the answer is yet.