Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A rediscovered favorite blog & musings on spending categories

I woke up at 4:45 am and was unable to go back to sleep so I have been wandering around blog world and rediscovered an old favorite - Tasmanian Minimalist - and she has kicked off 365 days of not buying any clothing except for needed replacements. I don't have her wardrobe to fall back on but certainly don't need anything and have to keep reminding myself of that as I do tire of what is in my small wardrobe.

That led me to thinking about where I do splurge. Eating out is one of our pleasures and an area where I am the one to initiate spending. Yesterday at the start of week 3 of Hubby's furlough we tried a new restaurant for lunch. It was a lot of fun and got us exploring a different part of town than we usually go to. I am thinking that going out to lunch needs to be our habit as it is less expensive than dinner. As a bonus, we are looking at different types of housing and neighborhoods with an eye to how we would like to live in the future. I think we would both move right now and experience a different lifestyle for the next 4 years (until retirement) if it wouldn't make Hubby's commute a pain. Guess we will have to start exploring new neighborhoods nearer to his office rather than the direction we tend to orient towards.

I also booked a massage as I have pain in my upper back/shoulders. I could probably work it out with Ibuprofen, stretching and time but am impatient with these things. Again, spending that only I initiate.

We both want to spend on travel but find ourselves gulping over the costs at times. Right now we are considering a trip to Cuba vs. Key West while we are living so close to both. Once the government shutdown is over we can plan dates with a bit more confidence and make a decision as well as when to head out to see our kids again.

I did manage to reduce a bit the amount our car insurance increased. Now that I am retired one car can be reclassified for leisure use with a small corresponding decrease in cost. We are also both going to complete AARP's safe driver course since the resulting discount gets applied for 3 years. This 6 month bill however will hardly be affected as the discount is only a bit more than the course cost.

I also cleaned out and washed my car as the full service car wash I have used has gone out of business and I couldn't think of another one nearby. After I finished I did think of one LOL. My car has never been so clean however and that paid for a bit of our lunch out.

So much of our spending is necessary but not pleasurable. In those areas I really try to find out how we can reduce our costs (e.g. car insurance). I want to make sure we can still spend some on the fun things for the rest of our lives!


  1. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much for the shout out!

  2. Well, I'm a guy so I've spent my entire life not buying any clothing except for needed replacements. But like you, I do spend money going to restaurants, from the inexpensive to the moderately priced, and in the past few years I've decided it's well worth it to pony up for a massage now and then.