Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gigantic renovation project visit

Today after another bout of home owner penance (yard work, vacuuming, furnace filter changed) we headed out to take a look at a photography exhibit housed in an outlying building related to a gigantic renovation project going on near us.

The project is to convert an old (mid 1920's) brick Sear's warehouse and store into a multiuse property. The building is gigantic and was only 10% occupied when the city of Atlanta finally sold it. The ugly 1970s addition and parking garage is gone. Yeah! Windows are being replaced. I guess it took about a year to empty the building of old office equipment and things like old phone exchange equipment, etc.  The whole area is changing. A wonderful park was built south of this building and that included uncapping a spring that had been sealed and making a storm control area into a beautiful lake and streams.

I love seeing massive undertakings like this!

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