Wednesday, October 9, 2013

5 new things this week

We love to try new things; have new experiences so this week we took advantage of Hubby's furlough caused free time during the week to:

1. Have lunch at a Mexican cantina across the street from the main campus of the Centers for Disease Control. Lunch business is slow for all of the restaurants in this location as so many CDC employees are on furlough. No waiting to get a seat.

2. Go to the Museum of Design Atlanta to see an exhibit of furniture made from used and destined to be discarded wine barrels. Very interesting. Here's one although there were some others that were absolutely fabulous! We were the only visitors early on a Tuesday afternoon.

3. Walk on the eastside portion of the Atlanta Beltline to see outdoor art installations and enjoy this fabulous fall weather on a weekday morning. 4.5 miles round trip and it gave us a fabulous view or our neighborhood from the old rail right of way.

4. Watch a movie or TV show be filmed at a house up the street. Hubby was walking the dog and reports that the line being filmed that had the street blocked off and required the hard working landscapers nearby to stop work was spoken to a car sitting in the street and was "Yo, bring me back a burrito." He watched them do four takes of this short line and came home. LOL

5. Unrelated to the furlough, but still new for me is that I agreed to participate in a program that has "seniors" meet once a month during the school year with a first year medical or nursing student to talk about things like nutrition, health systems (Medicare, SS, aging economics, friendship, volunteering, function and relation to health, values, bucket list) to help them overcome their preconceived notions about seniors and provide better healthcare to them. I'm a year short of being old enough but they need some people to step into spots vacated due to illnesses, etc. of other volunteer. Should be interesting.


  1. You're inspiring me to try some new things. Don't like Mexican food; but your #5 sounds like a great idea!

  2. #5 does sound interesting to me too although I have yet to hear from the student.