Monday, October 7, 2013

5 good things

The skies are clearing after last night's rainstorm and it is going to be a beautiful day. As a result I thought I would list 5 good things that have happened recently.

1. The 18ft broken branch caught up in our tree was going to cost $300 to be removed by a pruning crew. Last night's storm and gravity brought it down and laid it where it did no harm. Hubby, being locked out of his Federal job, had time to cut it up an put it out in the street for pickup. Yeah!

2. After my gym time I tried out a Kroger store in the same strip mall. It is fabulous compared to the one near me and will be my go to store. There is a Publix in the same strip mall and I will try it after gym on Wednesday. If it works out that will save me a drive every week to the one I have been going to.

3. Our son and DIL are moving. DIL is friendly and met some people at a home improvement store who just had moved and wanted to get rid of their moving boxes. Score!

4. It looks like Federal employees will eventually receive pay for the period they are locked out.

5. My friend who broke her leg so badly that she needed surgery looked pretty chipper when I visited her at the hospital yesterday. She moves to rehab today so that will speed recovery and she will make a full recovery. I asked her what she really wanted that she couldn't get in the hospital and was told a Diet Coke with lots of ice so that was my get well gift!

As a bonus, the dog asked to be in my lap while I was typing this LOL.


  1. Sounds like some pretty great things! So glad mother nature took care of the tree branch! :)!

    1. Thanks. And mother nature was kind in that the branch just hit the ground nicely away from everything. Did wake us up a bit early with the thump it made.

  2. Good news about the eventual pay cheque - sad about the whole situation, though! So it really is a good time to be counting Good Things.

  3. I was glad to read that federal employees will get back pay. How silly, then not to let everyone go back to work, I mean since they are getting paid anyway!

    Doesn't help for the private companies that are affected by the shutdown, though, like restaurants and shops near closed national parks.

    Sure hope this insanity ends soon! (But I love the part about the doggy being in your lap!)