Saturday, October 5, 2013

Leaves may be falling but its still shorts weather

I'm very glad I don't pack away out of season clothing as today I pulled shorts out again. I know this will end but it is a beautiful, warm, sunny day in Atlanta right now and this is as good as it gets here so I am enjoying it! (Apologies if you are in the upper Midwest and buried by snow right now.)

As you all know, the Federal government is still shut down so Hubby is still at home. It has taken some adjustment on all of our parts - even the dog has been a bit confused LOL.

We haven't done any hikes yet but he has started in on a large cleaning job outdoors - patios, decks and the north side of the house. We went to see Gravity starring Sandra Bullock in 3D yesterday and ran into one of his colleagues at the 1:45pm show. Great special effects and the acting is good. I can't rave about the story line though I do recommend that if you see it you go to a 3D version.

Today was to have been our lunch and theater day with friends. We are still going to the play but my friend fell and broke her leg very badly and is in the hospital following surgery, so they aren't going with us. We managed to give away one of the extra tickets to another friend who is delighted to come with us so that is good.

Tomorrow there is an Atlanta Streets Alive near us tomorrow afternoon. Some streets are closed and they are filled with humans rather than cars. I want to  check it.

Other than that it is dog walking, laundry, renewal notices to members of the Friends of the Library, reading and cooking.

How is your weekend shaping up?


  1. For some reason, weekends are kind of depressing for me. I do better during the week. Perhaps it's because I have more structure during the week. But we are having a nice day here in the Pacific NW so will probably get out and go for a walk. Sorry about your husband, Juhli. Hopefully this will all get sorted soon.

    1. Rosy, I hope you do get out for a walk. My 6 years in Seattle taught me to never let a nice day go by without enjoying it LOL. I am curious if you have a sense of what a good weekend would include for you? That might help you structure your weekends more.