Thursday, August 8, 2013

Leftovers = Yummy lunch

I find using up leftovers to be a creative challenge. Sort of like when the host of the radio show The Splendid Table gets given a list of 5 ingredients and comes up with a recipe or two using them.

Today the frig yielded a rather gourmet leftover lunch - take leftover green salad, leftover pasta and bean salad, and a piece of leftover salmon and mix together. Add a piece of sourdough bread spread with fig preserves and yum.

It is also heart healthy so I get to go out for a piece of decadent chocolate cake and coffee - right?

What has been the favorite creative meal you have made out of leftovers?


  1. I'm not very creative in this area, I tend to just eat my leftovers as is. However, I'm pretty good about using up every bit of produce before it spoils. I toss ripening fruit into muffins and pancakes, and squeeze and freeze the juice from citrus, as well as shredding and freezing the peel. Aging vegetables are added to salads, pasta or risotto recipes. The only thing I can't seem to use up before it goes bad is flat leaf parsley and cilantro, however, at about 35 cents a bunch, I can live with it!

    I freeze my bread, so that rarely goes bad, nicely. I do the same with cheese that I've opened , but don't think we'll be using again soon.

    1. We do almost all of those things too. What do you do with the frozen citrus juice and peel? I did throw out the juice from a can of pineapple recently because I couldn't think of how to use it.

    2. I freeze it in ice cube trays, which hold pretty close to one tablespoon in each little cube, then toss them in a ziplock bag after they've frozen hard, and place in freezer. Anytime I need a tablespoon, or two, or whatever, of lemon or line juice, I just pull one or more cubes from the appropriate bag. They melt in just a few minutes on my counter.

      The shredded peel goes in another ziplock bag. It doesn't stick, so it's very easy to just take what I need and put the remainder back in the freezer.