Friday, August 9, 2013

Planning my Fall Project 333 wardrobe

When it was too hot, muggy and drizzly to go outside yesterday I decided to think about my fall wardrobe for Project 333. I already knew that there are a number of items that don't fit or are shabby so I made a potential shopping list.

Replacement Items:
- casual black slacks
- dressy black slacks
- blue cardigan to replace a brown one
- red cardigan to replace 2 old ones
- casual black flats
- belt

- slim cut jeans
- skirt
- LBD or equivalent 2 pc outfit - doesn't have to be black just a dark color (Plum?) and useful across seasons for dressy occasions or sad ones

I'm going to look tonight at the 2 pairs of black slacks I'd like to replace and see if I could alter them instead as they are too big but not huge.

We have a tax free weekend here in Georgia this weekend that includes any item of clothing that is less than $100. I'm trying to decide if I want to brave the crowds knowing that the fall items aren't in the stores yet.  I think I'll hit a couple of discount retailers for shoes and tops and maybe go to Talbots to see if they have the slacks/skirts. I could spend the whole weekend driving around to different stores (aargh!) as everything is quite spread out here.

I did stop at Target on the way home from the gym and pick up another pair of wicking fabric shorts so now I have 3 sets of workout/dog walking clothes for hot weather. It is rather crazy making to need to be thinking about finding cool weather clothes during the hottest month of the summer!


  1. Yep, it's time to plan for Fall already - probably the Spring clothes will be back out by December, LOL!

    1. I think you live in a much cooler place than I do. In Atlanta it is hard to know when the hot weather will go away although it eventually does!