Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stuff and our lives

Courtney Carver has been on a fascinating journey to reduce the influence of "stuff" in her life and moving to a much smaller home. She writes about the process and benefits so well in Why you should give away 50% of your stuff

Laura is rapidly getting ready to put her home on the market in preparation for a new life in Hawaii and writes about decluttering in her Getting ready to sell roundup post.

I'm so envious of both. I am ready to do the same although LA would be my destination. We aren't going anywhere for at least 4 1/2 years though and as a couple we don't yet have the same vision of our future living circumstances.

Nevertheless I slowly work away at what I can control. I've decluttered 47 items from our home this month and we brought in 7 new items of clothing for a net reduction of 40 items. So little progress but slightly more than one a day. I'll keep at it and look forward to the great clear out when we finally get this house ready to sell.

Weekend's Decluttering Items
2 spices never use, picture frame


  1. I have to chuckle at the positioning of this post right after your last post! But ya know, if you're moving to Hawaii, I'd guess you'd have to lighten up your load quite a bit.

    1. I agree about shopping and decluttering at the same time LOL. However, I'm not moving to Hawaii, the blogger I referenced is. And my summer clothes weren't up to Atlanta heat.

  2. I am watching a documentary right now (well, obviously, not right now) that involves a family going through all the hoarded belongings of a deceased grandmother. She really wasn't a hoarder in the sense of their just being pathways through her house but she kept A LOT of stuff. I am nearly having heart palpitations at I watch because I don't WANT TO BE that person when I am dead. OMG. I feel another major purge coming on.

    1. Those hoarding shows are scary! I'd love to do a major purge and move but Hubby isn't on board yet as he is still working close by. Eventually.

  3. "there" not "their".
    "as" not "at".

    Must learn to proofread.