Thursday, June 27, 2013

Forgive me for I have shopped (for clothes)

I guess I made my decision about the Wartime Wardrobe Challenge. It finally got hot here and I assessed what I had to wear and went clothes shopping. I did have a list and didn't even get everything on it!

I now have 4 pairs of shorts instead of 2. I also have a bright blue pair of capris, 3 new dressier tops and a new pair of earrings to replace a broken pair. I did not find a casual summer dress and am still open to hopefully finding one before vacation in mid-July.

One has to wear something!

Today's Decluttering Items
Cookbook, 4 pairs of earrings


  1. I went on a shopping blow-out before vacation in May, and I'm hoping I can wear the items a lot during the summer! I bought 5 single-colour Tshirts, a peasant top, a skort, a pair of dress pants, and 2 summer cardigans!