Thursday, January 31, 2013

On fixing appliances, strange packaging/pricing, and other daily adventures

We spent several days trying to find the correct replacement washing machine drain hose as ours has a hole in it. Hubby drove to Home Depot - nope. I searched online at Lowe's, ordered one and drove to pick it up - nope. Then, Hubby verbally smacked himself on the forehead and said "maybe we should search online using the make and model number?" Well, yeah. Why didn't I think of that? So we did, found the right part, ordered it and payed extra for fast delivery as I really don't want to haul everything to a laundromat even with his help.  The questions is though, why did GE design this part of the  washing machine so that nothing standard will fit?

I went to buy some Ibuprofen on Monday. I immediately went to the generic versions and had picked up a container of 100 for $7.99. On the way to the cashier I noticed a display with bottles listed for $5. But you had to buy a package of two. I don't need 200 of them and the pricing and packaging logic escapes me. The savings did not so we now have extra that I hope we won't need.

I discovered that our Friends of the Library IRS EIN document has the former Treasurer's home address as the group's address. She doesn't know why. Oh joy. Now I have to call the IRS and find out how to change it!

Just a few of the "exciting" things that happened this week. Of course there was still lots of time for this!

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