Wednesday, January 30, 2013

And fix it we did! January's results

We were busy with fix-it ourselves projects in January.

- Hubby painted the newly resided shed and it's new door. 
- I shortened the sleeves on one of my coats.
 - Hubby painted one wall in the upstairs sitting room so the room is more cheerful. 
- I used Old English Scratch Cover to hide a multitude of sins on our old dark wood roll top desk. 
- I refreshed my reversible belt with shoe polish we had on hand. 
- Hubby replaced the leaking washing machine drain hose. 

We had to pay others to replace the leaking 15 year old dishwasher (my earlier fix didn't hold up). We found one on sale, but still with installation it is a nice chunk of change! We are loving how quiet it is though and it is using less water and electricity.

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