Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just six weeks to finish 2012 goals

I've started thinking about what I want to focus on in 2013 for my baker's dozen of goals. But first its time to review where things stand on my 2012 goals.  

I've done well on almost all of my 12 for 2012 Goals.
ON TRACK - Only buy clothing that is on my list
DONE - Finish dog's intermediate training course on own 
DONE - Reach & maintain target weight 
DONE - Go 4 new places in my city 
DONE - Try at least 4 new restaurants in my city
DONE - Take a class (2 in fact) - learn something 
DONE - Try a month of theme cooking
DONE - Try find a new & fun volunteer activity
ON TRACK - Follow my 2012 financial plan - with the modification that we gave money to elderly relatives as an unplanned expense.

We managed to PARTIALLY "Complete House To Do List" with 5 items finished, 4 in progress and 3 not even thought about!

Two other goals never got out of the gate
NOT STARTED Finish painting I started
NOT STARTED Book trip to Paris somewhere interesting
We will be attending two family weddings next year, a son's and a nephew's, and may be able to turn the nephew's wedding into a mini-vacation but that will be the only non-family visit vacation in the 2013 budget. 


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