Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm back - and busy.

After a visit with my Mom out of town, I came home Tuesday night to the usual plus a very dirty dog. At least the dog had a good time getting dirty with her canine and feline playmates at her foster home! So the dog is clean, laundry done, groceries bought, porches swept, volunteer time put in at library, bills paid, and I've started a consulting project.

In between I am contemplating how to deal with real differences of opinion over my Mom's health care. My brother, SIL and I all see things one way and my Mom sees it differently. She is getting care we just think she could do better. I think it is time to drop the subject as we over discussed our point of view.

We did have some fun - a trip to tour a granite quarry followed by lunch at a converted 1904 fire station. Lunch another day and two dinners with my brother and SIL. Plus time at the town's community days events including a hike in the Town Forest. We lucked out and had wonderful weather every day and the leaves had turned a bit by the time we left.

Lots of phone interviews ahead for my consulting project plus a genealogy seminar this Saturday.

What's up in your life?


  1. Welcome back...glad you had a nice time despite the mother care issue. Sometimes these decisions have a way of working themselves out with time.

    1. Thanks! I have resolved to let my opinion on this matter go and just support hers unless it is disasterous.

  2. Welcome back!
    Where did you get to tour a granite quarry? That's something me and my hubby would enjoy!

    1. We went to the Rock of Ages quarry in Graniteville, VT (right next to Barre). Don't you love the names. You don't actually go in the quarry but rather take a bus to an overlook and the guide talks about it, then you go to some other work areas and can walk through part of the finishing factory if you want. They have a film too but my Mom wasn't interested in sitting through that so we didn't see it.

    2. That is a nice name!
      I think I'll remember that place next time hubby and I visit Vermont. Thanks!


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