Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A massage before heading out on a family visit

I just got back from having a neuro-muscular massage to try to address soreness in one arm, etc. This is different from a traditional Swedish massage as this therapy focuses on using pressure on trigger points to relax muscles, increase blood flow, reduce soreness and possibly increase range of motion. Overall I liked it although it was a bit painful at times. I certainly will do it again. The therapist even showed me a new stretching exercise to help the specific problem I am experiencing.

Other than that, we are just getting ready to head off for while on a family visit trip.

Updates when we get back.


  1. Hi Juhli,
    Would you email me at so that I have your email address...I could not find it here. I wanted to answer a question you asked me through email...rather than through the blog comments!! Thanks..have a great Thursday..Pam

  2. I have often wondered about various message techniques. In a book I just recently read they doctor said that messaging the lymph nodes was helpful. Wow, I just could not even feature that. But a good message therapist would be able to do that don't you think.



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