Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goodbye September - I'm ready for October!

I had ambitious goals for September and I would estimate I achieved about 50%, did some of about 25% and didn't start on the others. The list was too long, too ambitious and contained things I didn't see as priorities. Still, overall I'm happy with what I did do in September.

And even happier that I am going to set areas of challenge and not goals for October. I am going to challenge myself to:
- I will exercise more with and without the dog.
- Before spending money on anything but regular monthly bills, I will ask seriously "Do I need this now or can it wait?" or "Do I want this really badly now or can it wait?" or "What could I do instead of spending this money?"
- I will live with my Project 333 wardrobe - I created one for our warm fall weather and when it decides to get colder I have another list of 33 to use.

That is it! I want to socialize more. I want to lose more weight. I want to declutter more. I will be raking leaves (counts as exercise right?). I will be working some and traveling for work mid-month. I will see the dentist and orthodontist, have a physical and get a flu shot. We will go to a play that was part of my birthday present and we have some free concerts on the schedule. I will get a haircut and may get the dog groomed. We hope to go hiking with friends. I will be doing lots of things, but those are my three October challenges.

How do you focus your efforts and intentions?


  1. All of your challenges sound like good ones. I will be exercising and decluttering right along with you!!

    1. Thanks Pam. I think you have been more diligent with your exercising than I have!

  2. Very ambitious -- sounds like you're gonna be one busy person in October. We have a graduation, not much else. I'm starting this week in a Ping Pong club ... we'll see how that goes. But success or failure, it'll probably make a blog post!

    1. A Ping Pong club sounds interesting. Hope it is fun. By the way if I'm not busy I feel down. This is average for me.


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