Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yikes, I'ts April already and I'm starting to "rightsize" my home

So what does Rightsizing My Home mean?  For me it means making sure each part of our home fits how we want to live and who we are now while keeping in mind that we will move in 5 or 6 years.  My goals are to:
  • Make myself happier with the reality of staying put in this house with this yard.  I want to feel refreshed not stressed by the house & yard.
  • Have each room work well - fits what we use it for, is as easy to maintain as possible, we don't hate anything about it (low bar to meet there!).
  • Bring in a livelier color palette and some visual changes without repainting walls or trim.
  • Make sure the things we use often are of good quality and work well. 
I have some ongoing 2012 house to do goals so this is in addition to those.  My budget to start is $500 for the remainder of the year.

The first area of focus will be our bathrooms.  Small piece of real estate, but both need total remodeling which isn't going to happen.  April is their chance to shape up!

I made an early start by buying a plant for the hanging plant holder in our upstairs bathroom.  It had been empty for months and a whole $4.30 later now looks nice.  I also bought some OxiClean and waterproof work gloves as the grout on the floors remains dingy no matter what I do.  Worth a try.  I think I'll start there as it sure beats paying for re-grouting.  Funds remaining: $483.95

Other ideas for the upstairs bath -
- New curtains in a pattern instead of the plain cream ones
- Repaint inside of small cupboards over sink
- New towels and bathmat might be on the list


  1. Good luck with the bathroom facelift. It's amazing what a few dollars can do when put in the right places around the house.

    1. Debby, I agree and think part of this process is also convincing myself I am satisfied with what is!

  2. I wonder if white vinegar and baking soda would clean the tile grout. Good ideas, btw.

    1. Bliss, I have tried so many things on it including that. There is a green stain in one place too - came with the house. This is the last try!

  3. What a great idea - Rightsizing - makes so much sense x


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