Monday, April 2, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - April 2nd Edition

Baseball stadium in Little Rock
A short week for cooking which is my kind of week.  On Friday we fly off to visit our younger son in Little Rock.  The weekend's plans include a minor league baseball game, helping him pack, playing with his dog, helping him paint over the pretty colors on his apartment walls, going out to eat.  He's getting ready to move to S. CA where his fiance recently started a new job.  Once he is there, both sons and my FIL will all be in S. CA which will make visiting them all so much easier.

Here's my plan for the 4 days we will be home.  Some things got bumped from last week as leftovers took over their nights.

Monday - Couscous with leftover chicken, broccoli & other vegetables, banana nut muffins
Tuesday - Pizza with peppers, salad, fruit
Wednesday - Omelet, salad, toast or banana muffins
Thursday - Pack and deliver the dog to her sitter night.  Pork chops, mixed vegetables


  1. I love omelettes for dinner.

    Enjoy your trip and time with your son, even though it sounds rather busy. It will be nice having so many dear ones in one location. ~~Bliss

  2. Sounds like a great trip! Yes, it will be wonderful to have your family in one place!

  3. It will be lovely to have so many family members in one place. We still have the NH contingent to visit as well but two instead of 3 locations is good. The downside is that now we do all the traveling LOL. The Little Rock contingent had been coming to us for Thanksgiving.


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