Thursday, January 5, 2012

Much fun was had!

As I mentioned we went to the Rose Parade this year.  We walked around the day before to check out how people camp out starting the morning before.  People had firewood and those enclosed patio fireplaces!  At night before they close the street off cars drive slowly by and get sprayed with silly foam, shot with marshmallows and people throw tortillas! And then there are the air horns that vendors sell, cotton candy and pizza vendors.  Some restaurants and bars are open but it is pretty much a family scene.

My son lives 2 blocks from the route so you simply grab a cinnamon roll and your hot chocolate and walk down 10 minutes before the parade reaches that corner.  We stayed through the whole thing and it was a lot of fun.  Pretty odd to need sunscreen and shade on January 2nd though (the photo of us is before the sun rose high enough to make it hot).

Things you don't see on TV include the clean up crews walking behind every group of horses - they get cheers and clapping from the crowd.  People bring their dogs, step stools/ladders to stand on, walk around offering homemade cookies to strangers, etc.  Also, the tow truck that follow the parade get into the spirit with honking horns and flashing lights.  All in all great fun and it felt like a neighborhood block party.  Exhausting for some as you can see from my son's and his girlfriend's dog post parade nap.

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