Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Joining the January low/no-spend challenge

I'm joining Carla's no-spend challenge over at My 1/2 Dozen Daily as a way to kick off my 2012 financial plan today.  Now that we are back from vacation, my focus in to not spend on optional things like clothing, eating out, etc.  I'll be focused on keeping our food budget in check, doing home projects that are no cost, etc.  Why don't you join in too?

My guidelines are:
1. Keep food, household goods & toiletries spending at $110/week through buying only what is needed - no stockpiling!
2. Entertainment will be free or very low cost (e.g. a movie)
3. No eating out.
4. Focus on home projects that are no cost such as cleaning water stains off basement floor,  removing old bricks & boards from back of yard, drastically prune or remove holly bushes by driveway. and cleaning leather chairs.
5. Delay dog grooming and human haircuts an extra week or two which will result in fewer a year. The dog is pretty hairy right now so she will have to be groomed in January.
6. Buy no clothes, furnishings, and other optional goods.

However, I will go ahead and make planned donations, fund ROTH IRAs, and purchase Pilates sessions.


  1. Looks like a great plan. Good luck in your no/low spending.

  2. @Niki - Thanks! I already succeeded and failed today. I caught myself thinking about going out for coffee and made it at home instead but I bought a Cooking Light magazine at the grocery store.


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