Friday, January 6, 2012

Boost Your Energy Challenge update - Start of month 2

I did pretty well over the holidays in following my plan to boost my energy.  Lots of walks and time outdoors.  Remembered to drink plenty of water.  Had healthy snacks and dealt with the mid-afternoon slump pretty well but I'm still failing at stretching regularly.

Despite my efforts I was very tired after trying to keep up with my son and his girlfriend.  My legs hurt from standing two hours to watch the Rose Parade and walking a lot more than usual.  So I have a ways to go.

This month I have added two exercise classes in addition to my weekly Pilates session.  I am going to a Pilates class and a Zumba class - each once a week - for two months.  I'll be back sorting donated books once a week too which is harder work than it sounds - books are heavy.  I'm also trying to walk the dog even more which she will appreciate and it does make her a better dog.  Last, but not least, I am going to try to make stretching a routine part of the day right after the dog's first walk in the morning.

How are you doing keeping your energy up this winter?

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