Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Decluttering Challenge - Clean out the cupboards

Well here I am ready to move on to the cupboards.  Since I started this challenge 3 months ago, I have decluttered 139 things from our house and I'm still finding things to let go!  That doesn't even include things that were replaced like our winter coats.  Where oh where does it all come from?  And why did we want it in the first place?  Sigh.

One of the decluttered items was accidental but I realized I didn't need to replace it as I could use something else.  The lid to my thermal coffee cup fell onto the dishwasher coil and melted (thankfully the dishwasher is ok).  I only used it to keep the extra coffee from the French press warm so I pulled out an old thermos that is never used.  It works even better and no new clutter.

Since I have been on vacation over a very long New Year's weekend, I'll start this tomorrow and make it a project that may go through January as I intend to empty and clean the kitchen cupboards at the same time (which I hate to do!).

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