Saturday, December 17, 2011

A year with Lola

We've had our sweet girl a year.  When she arrived she had been living with a loving foster family who helped her make huge progress recovering from the mistreatment she experienced in her first home.  (The foster family now boards her for us when we are gone - she runs in quite happily!)  She wasn't the happiest of campers when she moved into our house.

But since then she has found a favorite place to hang out and take naps.

Acquired a chic poodle wardrobe.

Celebrated St. Patrick's Day stylishly.

Taken a lot of walks.

Made some new friends.

And played every day with the best dog toy EVER! Because it looks like a squirrel, it squeaks, it flys through the air with help from human, and she can run around with it in her mouth!  You probably can't see it in the photos but her collar and leash have squirrels on them.  Little did we know what a squirrel fiend she is.

Happy Anniversary Lola!


  1. Miss Lola is ever so chic! She is very fortunate to have such a loving home. What a great toy for her. We recently rescued two Chihuahua pups. I may have to make their outfits when they finally reach their adult size.

  2. Donna, enjoy your new pups. I think making them coats would be a great idea!


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