Friday, December 16, 2011

Making new traditions for an empty nest

This Christmas my husband and I will be continuing some of our "empty nest" holiday traditions and making a new one.  Every year we go to the neighborhood holiday party if we are in town, drive around one evening to enjoy other people's holiday decorations and try to go to a holiday musical performance.

This year we are adding going to a nice restaurant on Christmas Eve.  Since we will be alone on Christmas Day I think this new tradition will really make the holiday seem festive.  If we travel during Christmas other years instead of New Years like this year, I will find a restaurant for New Year's Eve dinner instead.

What traditions do you have for making the holiday season feel festive if you are spending them far from family?


  1. It is important to enjoy each stage of life when you are in it, because things do change. As they change you have to figure out different ways to do things, but change can be good!

  2. @Spendwisemom - I happen to like change and variety so adding new traditions and dropping ones that no longer fit is pretty easy for us. I just want to make sure we enjoy ourselves no matter what the situation. Life is short.


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