Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What do you do to make overnight guests feel welcome?

Like many of you we are looking forward to family members being our guests over Thanksgiving weekend.  Our son, his fiancee and their dog will be joining us (and our dog - we'll see how that goes) and I am really happy they will be showing up tomorrow!  We'll do the usual housecleaning and acquired a crate for their dog to use but I've been thinking about what really makes a difference when you are staying in someone's home.

For me it isn't the extra pillows or flowers on the table.  It is getting the day off to a good start by having my coffee and a breakfast that I like.  So I'm stocking up on the foods and drinks that I know our loved ones prefer to have to start their day (except for their dog who is on the bring your own food and toys plan LOL).

I know they also like to help with the cooking and are both great cooks so we have planned our Thanksgiving menu together and each of us will be contributing part of the meal.  We have also coordinated what we will do other days based on a list of ideas that I emailed to them in advance.

The bottom line for me is that I like to make our guests feel welcome by customizing food, drinks and activities to fit them.  What do you do to make your overnight guests feel welcome?

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  1. I know this one is controversial, but I absolutely forbid guests from helping me clean up. For one thing, I hate when 80% of the dinner party is in the kitchen while 2 people are left sitting at the table waiting for dessert. That's not a dinner party--sit, enjoy, talk!

    Secondly, I want you to feel entertained. You are a guest in my home--you don't wash your own dishes at a restaurant, do you? I want you to have fun!

    Most people disagree with me on this and I have to eventually tell them to get the hell out of my kitchen. Maybe a little more politely than that.


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