Wednesday, November 23, 2011

7 stores later ...

I did all of my Thanksgiving food shopping plus all of my weekly shopping yesterday and am happily not driving anywhere today!  It took 3 grocery stores and a bakery to get all of the food and drinks, two pet stores for routine food and to get the great smelling shampoo every poodle girl needs (Harry Barker Prickly Pear Shampoo & Conditioner to be exact), and a return to a home goods store of something hubby picked up that doesn't work color wise.  Oh and I forgot the 8th and most important store - my favorite coffee shop for a strong latte.  At least four of the stores were locally owned businesses.  And then there was book returns to the library.  Hopefully next week will be back to routine grocery shopping and the library only!

We are well stocked for days of yummy food with our family and looking forward to Thanksgiving.  Hope yours is great!

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