Sunday, November 26, 2023

Week 47: Fun and company

Yesterday my 2 DILs, 2 granddaughters and I had a girls adventure by going to a holiday crafts fair held in a former shipbuilding facility next to the Rosie the Riveter Historic Site. It was a really fun afternoon.

It was a great week with son and DIL here all week. 2 family birthday celebrations and Thanksgiving although I spent Friday feeling pretty tired as did the pup. Very worth it! Next Sunday we have another family birthday party and then are done until Christmas. 

The 9 month old granddaughter is crawling although her belly stays on the ground right now. She is fast on all the wood floors once she decides to move. I picked up a few toys for her age group from the Buy Nothing group. Also a bit of Christmas paper since I only need a small amount.

We have declared our yard done for now and gave away the leftover flagstone to a couple with 3 sons and a puppy who were very excited to get it to cover a muddy section of their backyard. Just one more bench to put together and then nothing until summer except keeping the plants alive and replacing the free one that has died. Oh, and enjoying it!!!


  1. Oh, so lovely to hear about your holiday weekend! AND that your yard is done. What a relieft!

  2. What a great way to spend the weekend. Craft sales, family, calling the yard done, and finding what you need on the Buy Nothing group.

    God bless.

  3. Have I missed the pictures of your landscaping now that you're done? I'll have to poke around in your past posts. Landscaping our your way is so different than here in the Great Lakes area were lack of water is not a problem.


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