Sunday, November 12, 2023

Week 45 & Thankful November 12: The joy of short visits

One thing I hadn’t anticipated with this move is how great it is to have brief visits with my son and his family. For example, in this past week I have stopped by to pick up or drop off stuff and had lovely short chats and last Sunday my older granddaughter came home with me to have lunch and visit a short time. 

During the drive home and while she was here we had very interesting chats that are good windows onto what she thinks about and likes at almost 7. She and the pup had some snuggle time too which they both enjoyed. She is very busy on weekends with lessons and friend activities and understandably wants to spend time with her baby sister and Mom and Dad so long visits aren’t what she wants right now.

Before we moved we had these short visits with our other son and DIL although the drive was an hour not 15 minutes. They now do the long drive and come stay with us for days which is also a great visit.

What are you thankful for today?

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