Thursday, September 28, 2023

Thankful Thursday - end of September edition

Hubby flew to Los Angeles midweek to attend the funeral of the husband of a close grad school friend of ours. Sadly that reminds us of what is really important and why we moved here to make memories with our loved ones. We are so fortunate to have this home near family and to be able to “suffer through” home renovations and there cost.

I’m also thankful that:

I was able to get my flu shot booked and done easily. I’m thankful for having meds on hand to deal with the side effects too.

The availability nearby of a wide range of groceries and home supplies.

Lovely sunny and warm weather these last few days.

Seeing signs of Fall like the red leaf on the ground this morning.

The nice people who stop and chat when I am walking the pup - most of them give him pets too which he loves.

I’ve mentioned this before but I marveled again this morning at how quiet and peaceful our new neighborhood is all the time.

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