Monday, September 18, 2023

Planning week 38!

I’ve been feeling a bit down and lacking in motivation but accomplishing things always makes me feel better. Specifically I feel better when I exercise, can check things off the to do list or solve problems, eat fewer carbs, drink less caffeine or alcohol, and spend time with others. So let’s try those.

Get stuff done -

As usual I am overly optimistic about how much I will get done but that gives me options 😁

1. Actually do my Pilates routine (I always mean to - really!). My sciatica is nagging at me and needs to stop.

2. Plan time with family based on their schedule

3. Get some nagging tasks done (clean off desk, clean out email by addressing old items,  hem pants, deal with remaining pile of items in garage by deciding to keep or get rid of, clean gifted high chair). 

4. Finish deep cleaning the kitchen appliances that came with the house (refrigerator coils vacuumed, dishwasher cleaned/checked - stove & oven are done).

5. Order 3 long sleeve tees, more warm socks, warm cardigan and/or fleece vest so I am not cold this winter.

6. Substitute healthier choices for carb, etc. cravings or eating habits.

Solve a problem or two -

1. Why is the heat suddenly going on in the middle of the night? I found the thermostat manual online and now need to understand it so we can fix this before we actually need heat! I did turn the system off this morning but that won’t work long term.

2. Decide on at least the main plants for the front and back. Find out where to buy them.

Plan Some Dinner Ideas - We have found ourselves uninspired lately when contemplating what to have for dinner which is fine but not very enjoyable. We like simple, fast meal prep and see leftovers as a bonus so here are this week’s ideas. We’ll see what actually happens as we will get take out if we get together with the family).

Green lentil and carrot soup - 2 meals

Leftover turkey burgers with carrots and peas

Shrimp with garlic, red pepper and broccoli over capellini 

Tuna chef salad

Chicken breast with butternut squash and green beans

Salmon with mashed potatoes and salad

What do you hope to do this week?


  1. I love seeing things crossed off the to do list as well. You have a really good list of tasks for the week.

    God bless.

  2. After "read blog posts" the only thing I have left to do today is pair my cat's tracker to my phone!

  3. I need to do some mending tomorrow (or today since it's after midnight my time). Will have some forced down time over the weekend and possibly into next week.

    1. Mending is a good task for a feeling of accomplishment IMO


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