Thursday, August 24, 2023

Thrifty Thursday August 24th


Keeping track of where we are being thrifty is to help counter my “angst” over the cost of moving and fixing up our new house - not that the thrifty acts equal the house related spending but every bit helps for the future. In fact I thing we need to double down on the thrifty side of things.

1. No food thrown away. Working on finishing some of those jars of things that accumulate in the fridge but are often too much for two people to finish before they spoil.

2. Added pup’s biscuits to his Chewy dog food subscription so no driving to purchase and slightly cheaper.

3. After trying different approaches, Hubby fixed the main gate latch so it closes easily. He spent a very small amount on supplies. This made us quite happy lol. He also fixed the hole behind the washer that the plumbers made with a nail through a copper water pipe. The plumbers fixed that mistake but not the hole.

4. Bought backup fuses and a key hider box. Both fairly low cost and could prevent not only inconvenience but higher costs in the future. Our frig circuit is on a fuse for example.

5. Using a credit card for everything we can for the home projects to get cash back points.


  1. I do the same as you, my credit card is always used (and paid off) in order to get the points which add up to cash back.

    A good thrifty week.

    God bless.

  2. Ditto on the credit card, combining shipments and trips, and appreciating a handy husband!

  3. Looks like the economy is going to get worse before it gets better. Our gas prices are teetering close to $4 a gallon. What are yours out there? And our utilities have gone through the roof, along with our property taxes. We are looking for little things to do to try to save money, too. We are going to start sharing a meal when we eat out. And we need to cut back on eating out all together.


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