Monday, December 12, 2022

So many questions for myself

Why do I still see weekends as the time for chores even though I am retired?

What compromises am I willing to make to move? Home price, size, stairs, location?

Why do I resist exercising first thing in the morning except for walking the dog?

What could I do in the late afternoon to engage myself instead of being sedentary?

Why do I not have any hobbies other than reading and do I even want any?

And so many more ....


  1. I agree, I have so many questions right now. I sort of feel like I'm trying to figure something out but don't know what exactly. I walk first thing so that's not a problem, but late afternoons, I'm a slug and really do much except prep dinner and have a glass of wine. I'm not at all social but I do like to go out occasionally and be"around" people. ie, a coffee shop. But i feel like I'm drifting. I mean I do love to cook and try new things, I want to be even more of a minimalist but get 'stuck' in the way things are. You're brave to move. I don't think we would move unless it was medically necessary. You're pretty engaged, I think.

    1. Comforting to know someone else feels similarly. Perhaps it is pandemic hangover. I'm finding it hard to expand my life beyond the few things I am dong as new situations still feel risky. I'm going to think about what feels relatively safe and come up with some things - and cut back on the wine lol.

  2. I am going to try and answer some of the questions that have been floating around my head next year. Tackling them one at a time or I just might drive myself insane.

    God bless.


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