Sunday, September 18, 2022

Frugal Friday on Sunday

Things do wear out!

I realized a week ago that it is time to replace my desktop computer when it announced it can’t install Windows 11. Sigh. Having a think about what features and capabilities are actually needed in a laptop so as to avoid ones I won’t use. Also thinking about how much I want to spend, if I want to use a full size keyboard and separate mouse, and the “joys” of learning updated software and a new piece of tech.

Ironically, I just started reading Ann Bogle’s book Don’t Overthink It

Speaking of shopping, I need to replace some clothing so went to the mall where I shopped pre-pandemics. Lots of empty stores, few shoppers and s poor selection in the stores. Back to online shopping and giving the outlet mall in town a serious try.

Some frugal things -

1. I moved some money around to get a better interest rate.

2. Used white vinegar, baking soda and a brush to get rid of some “slime” in the toilet tanks. Love non-toxic low cost cleaning.

3. Realized the stack of frozen corn tortillas was aging and made a black bean and corn enchilada casserole which gave us two night’s dinner.

4. More mending of clothes and dog toys.

5. Our living room furniture has lasted very well for 20+ years and we still like it. Took a chair seat cushion to have the innards replaced using an upholsterer recommendation from a friend. If I like the result then the big couch seat cushion is next.

7. Got a book from a friend at book club and put holds on lots of library books.

8. Free outing and social time for pup and Hubby is now going to the dog park for small dogs near us. They both seem to spend more time with the people than the dogs! Pup does like to meet all the people even at the vet’s but I hear he runs around with the dogs a lot and he does come home very tired.

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  1. Windows 11? I wish they'd quit upgrading and just leave well enough alone.

    Dog parks are fun for people too. Glad your dog and husband gets to go to one.


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