Wednesday, August 17, 2022

House reset - dog not so much

Today is my last day home alone with the pup but I still have a long list of things to do to catch up from our week of family visits. So far I have caught up on my sleep, run errands, done most of the cleaning and all the laundry, put things away, caught up on emails but not phone calls, done some mending, cooked and more.

The pup however is having trouble sleeping all night. The first day he slept all day as he was happily exhausted from playing with our granddaughter and going to his training class. Then he had a short night's sleep. 2nd night he did better. Last night he was up at 2am to go pee and then crashed on the couch with me. 

His eating pattern is also off and he has been unhappy each time I've put him in his crate so I could go somewhere. The funniest thing was when he sneaked into the garage without me seeing him do it and I shut him in there. He DID NOT LIKE being by himself in there and hasn't been trying to get out there again.

But boy did he enjoy all the action in our house last week. I've never had such a social dog. I need to play with him this afternoon in hopes of wearing him out before bedtime.

Today's minimum to do list in addition to the daily tasks: (strikethrough means done!!!)

  • Exercise
  • Clean kitchen
  • Dust
  • Make club phone calls
  • Prep email to club members
  • Water flowerbeds
  • Finish mending
  • Make chicken lentil soup (veggie scrap broth already done)
  • Practice dog training assignment
  • Pick up Hubby at train station
Bonus to do's:
  • Self manicure
  • Dog bath
  • Clean patio
  • File club paperwork/scan as needed


  1. Your to do list is long like mine. Once in a while I write the word "play" on my list, it makes me smile and reminds me to do that. I have never put a dog in a crate, it seems to be quite common, but I can relate to your pup not wanting to go in it. When I go out each day my dog takes naps wherever he wants.

    1. My first dog and the second as a puppy stayed in the garage with a doggy door to the back yard when we were gone. The 2nd and 3rd one were mostly able to stay loose in the house although the 3rd one came crate trained and loved her crate. We don't trust this puppy yet to be loose when we aren't supervising lol. He'll get there!

  2. It's nice to have a social puppy, especially since you have grand children. He'll get there when it comes to trusting him to be loose in the house when you're not home. Just remember to train for that with short, 10 minute periods of leaving him alone and stretching it out over time and good behavior.

    1. I agree! He just turned 6 months old so is still all puppy all the time.

  3. I think dogs, esp. puppies, like routine, and so a change in his routine will, uh, upset his routine. He should be back to normal before long. Btw, congrats on all those list scratch-offs. You're more industrious than I am!


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