Saturday, August 6, 2022

Doggie Manners Class and Granddaughter Arrives

 We survived our first class of dog training. Boy did he think it was great to be with other people and dogs even if he had to stay in his own space. He was not the best mannered lol. Lots of energy and dog adolescence combined. He does learn very quickly though.

While I’m writing this our son and 5 1/2 yr old granddaughter have less than 3 hours of their train trip left. We got photos from them and it looked like they were enjoying the adventure. 

Hubby will pick them up in Santa Barbara, they will grab some dinner and drive back to our house. We decided the pup would be too frantic if I went too due to the length of time we would be gone. Next up on his training is longer daytime stays in his crate while we go out.

We have set up a table for puzzles or projects and an art center for our girl. We moved the bed against a wall and used a bench back to make a partial railing as she is used to a low one. The air bed is inflated for our son’s two night stay as we all agreed she would get the guest room so she could be settled before he leaves. Just a week visit and then Hubby will fly back with her, spend a few days and come home. Son is driving home Tuesday with his brother and SIL who are headed to Oregon on vacation and will stop at his house for a visit on the way. So lovely to be back doing things with family more often!


  1. Glad things are going well. Stay healthy and keep up on your vaccinates.

    Love the puppy reports.

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  3. I had to delete my comment as it went crazy.

    Enjoy your visit with your granddaughter.

    God bless.


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