Sunday, July 31, 2022

Little Doses of Happiness and Progress - 4th week of July

1. Our older son and DIL had some items shipped to us as they are pet sitting nearby. We had a short but nice visit when they came by to get them and they left us some lemon bars. They then arrived Saturday for a two night visit.

2. We had our train the humans first session for our dog manners and basic commands class. Next Saturday we take the dog to an outdoor group class. Our pup is now an “adolescent” and we want him to be as well behaved through that phase as possible. He responds well to training so our consistency is the critical element. It is interesting that now they recommend waiting to neuter a male dog until they are a year old as it reduces the likelihood of hip dysplasia and a type of cancer. We’ll have to see how he behaves month to month as there are signals to do it sooner.

3. Our one burner propane stove arrived and will be part of our emergency prep supplies. Also received two more plug in emergency lights to replace old ones. The old one that still works went in the garage.

4. Bought a pair of Clark’s sport sandals on sale and they are so comfy! My others are well worn but still usable.

5. Unfortunately Hubby has to have a root canal plus two possible crowns and I had to replace my upper retainer. I had recently gotten two crowns and replaced the other retainer. This is a summer of dental work but our health has been good otherwise.

6. Fortunately after his root canal Hubby felt well enough to go on his scheduled discovery flight in a single engine Cessna. He thinks he will take lessons until he can land the plane as even if he got a pilot’s license he wouldn’t rent a plane and fly solo. He’s pretty enthused about a new experience.

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